Conference: Telling Her Story: Women’s History, Heritage and the Built Environment @ Wrest Park, Bedfordshire
Mar 19 all-day

Telling Her Story’ will bring together heritage professionals and academics to explore the diverse roles and experiences of women at historic sites. Whether in country houses or castles, women have played a pivotal role in shaping the built environment and in influencing the course of history. Yet, more often than not, their voices are marginalised or missing from the historical record and from interpretation at heritage sites. This conference seeks to uncover the many and varied experiences of women at historic properties in the care of English Heritage and other heritage organisations. It aims to move beyond stock biographies of famous and extraordinary women to discover the many diverse stories of women from all walks of life, to offer new perspectives on better-known individuals and to critique narratives and interpretations which continue to be constructed principally around the experiences of men.

What extraordinary things did ordinary women do? Which kinds of buildings or landscapes are women not commonly associated with and why? How can we place women’s stories connected to specific properties in the wider context of women’s history? What was distinctive about the experience of women – across different social classes – at these sites? How does the inclusion of women change the way in which we understand the histories of particular sites? By thinking about some of these questions, the conference will also explore the relationship between women’s history, heritage and the built environment and will highlight the potential of women’s history to enrich our understanding of the heritage environment.

Conference: The Renaissance Society of American (RSA) 2018 #RenSA18 @ Hitlon, New Orleans Riverside
Mar 22 – Mar 24 all-day

Panels of Interest:

Margaret Cavendish and Medicine

Childhood, Marriage, and Feminism in Margaret Cavendish

Work after Death: Posthumaelty in Early Modern Literature

Early Modern Literature and England’s Long Reformation II

British Women Writers Challenge Established Epistemic Frameworks

Roundtable: Women’s Poetics and Early Modern Literary Studies

Colloquium: The Second Early Modern Women Writers’ Colloquium @ Othello's Island, Cyprus
Mar 25 – Mar 27 all-day

Lead Convenors:

Dr. Stella Achilleos (University of Cyprus) and Professor James Fitzmaurice, (Northern Arizona University)


About the Conference:

We are very pleased to announce that our keynote speaker at the Second Annual Early Modern Women Writers’ Colloquium in 2018 will be Professor David Norbrook, Emeritus Merton Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford, who will deliver a lecture titled ‘Providence and Displacement: Writing Lucy Hutchinson’s Life’.

Dedicated to women writers from the period 1500 to 1700 (approximate dates), the Early Modern Women Writers’ Colloquium forms a strand within the annual interdisciplinary “Othello’s Island” conference on Byzantine, Medieval and Renaissance studies.

The strand was held informally at the fourth Othello’s Island conference in 2015, and became a formal feature in 2016 at the fifth Othello’s Island in 2016. This developing tradition continues at the sixth Othello’s Island Conference in 2018, where we will again welcome papers on women writers in all languages of the early modern period, with a particular emphasis on the writers Mary Wroth, Margaret Cavendish and Aphra Behn and their contemporaries.

The strand includes papers on women writers themselves, but also associated topics, such as the representation of women and women writers in work by male writers of the period, women publishers, and also the popular round table discussion, held outside under the olive trees, as a true academia, in the courtyard garden at CVAR.

If you would like to submit a paper to the Early Modern Women Writers strand of Othello’s Island, please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, please do contact us.

Participants in the Early Modern Women Writers strand can, of course, attend all the other papers and events of the Othello’s Island Conference, and we encourage participants to do so.

The Early Modern Women Writers strand is held in association with the International Margaret Cavendish Society.