Our principal goal at the Digital Cavendish Project is to provide access to resources for the study of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle (1623-1673). Currently, there are few full-text editions of Cavendish’s works and there are even fewer works freely available online that aren’t pieces of editions. Over the next few years, we hope to provide a combination of readable plain text and scholarly editions of Cavendish’s works.

Reading Editions: In these editions, we have not normalized spelling, nor have we made any editorial changes. We tried to keep each reading edition as close to the original printed text as possible. To create these editions we either relied on transcriptions created by EEBO-TCP, which we corrected by hand and encoded in Markdown, or in the case of Plays, Never before Printed, we transcribed and encoded the texts by hand. We made no editorial changes to these editions. We hope readers who simply want access to her writing as printed will find these easy to read editions useful.

Scholarly Editions: For the scholarly editions, we are following the traditional guidelines for editing historical documents. Each scholarly edition will include a note about the text and a description of the editorial process.

We hope that you read and enjoy these texts and use them in your own classrooms and scholarship.

Reading Editions:

Philosophical Fancies (1653)

The Worlds Olio (1655)

Philosophical and Physical Opinions (1655)

Playes (1662)

CCXI Sociable Letters (1664)

Playes, Never before Printed (1668)

Scholarly Editions:

The Blazing World (1668)

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