The Digital Cavendish Project would like to thank Dr. Margaret Ezell and Dr. Laura Mandell for their guidance and support throughout the course of developing this project. We want to give special thanks to Dr. Ezell for inspiring our work and for her tireless dedication to recovering women’s writing. A special thanks to Dr. Mandell and the faculty and staff of the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture (IDHMC) at Texas A&M University for providing educational resources and support during the conception and technical development phase of this project.

We would also like to thank the Department of English at the University of South Florida for supporting the project and providing educational opportunities to students interested in working on the project. With the support of the of USF’s English Internship Program, Madison Bolen, a senior in the department, is working as the DCP’s project manager for Spring 2018.

Thank you to the International Margaret Cavendish Society for their encouragement and support of the project. Special thanks to Dr. Brandie Siegfried for the continued support and for allowing us to host the Margaret Cavendish Bibliography Initiative. We also want to give thanks to Dr. James Fitzmaurice, Dr. Lara Dodds, and Dr. Lisa Walters for their conversations about the scope of the project and for their guidance in all things Cavendish.

Finally, with the financial support from the Academic Research Council (ARC) Grant awarded by Florida SouthWestern State College, this project has dedicated equipment to ensure our continued growth. Thanks to the grant, are beginning the process of building a long-term infrastructure to support our community.

Thank you for the continued support,

Dr. Shawn Moore and Dr. Jacob Tootalian
(Director and Co-Director of the Digital Cavendish Project)

Found and Director, Dr. Shawn Moore (right) with Co-Director, Dr. Jacob Tootalian (left).