Screenshot from 18thConnect’s TypeWright tool

One of the aims of the community of scholars surrounding the Digital Cavendish Project is to generate reliable digital transcriptions of Margaret Cavendish’s printed works, especially those texts not currently available as part of EEBO-TCP. We have created a DCP group on 18thConnect to facilitate this work. On 18thConnect, you can access the versions of the early English print archive that have been generated by the Early Modern OCR Project (EMOP). While OCR (optical character recognition) technology has seen major advances in recent years, early modern print has presented many challenges that have been difficult to surmount using automated methods. EMOP’s OCR’d transcriptions require human correction, which is easy to do using 18thConnect’s TypeWright tool. As the image above shows, TypeWright allows readers to fix OCR errors in the transcribed text while consulting the EEBO images of the original work. Our goal is to fill the gaps in the corpus of Cavendish’s texts that are freely and digitally available.

If you are interested in helping to correct these transcriptions of the Cavendish corpus, please contact Jacob Tootalian at jtootalian@usf.edu. In order to access TypeWright, you will need to set up an 18thConnect account.

We are currently focusing our efforts on two of Cavendish’s works that have not been released as part of EEBO-TCP’s Phase I:

Plays, Never Before Printed (1668)
Philosophical and Physical Opinions, 2nd ed. (1663).