This section collects pedagogical materials relevant to the teaching of Margaret Cavendish and her writings. Over the past few decades, Cavendish’s work has found its way into classrooms across the disciplines. Instructors of English, history, gender and women’s studies, political science, philosophy, and the history of science have begun to incorporate Cavendish into their courses using innovative strategies. The “Teaching Cavendish” division of the Digital Cavendish Project offers a space to share syllabi, lesson plans, handouts, teaching reflections, etc.—resources that can inspire further consideration and discussion of Margaret Cavendish’s place in the classroom.


We also include other resources that will aide our readers in learning more about Cavendish, her life, and her writing. We have included an updated bibliography on Margaret Cavendish that was created by graduate students at BYU and is the foundation for The Margaret Cavendish Bibliography Initiative.