Below is a list of current publications with links to purchase editions of Cavendish's works and current academic texts published on the study of Margaret Cavendish. If you have a publication, you would like listed on the site, email Shawn Moore at

Academic Books:

The Well-Ordered Universe
by Deborah Boyle

Margaret Cavendish: Gender, Science and Politics
by Lisa Walters

The Literary Invention of Margaret Cavendish
By Lara Dodds

Utopian Negotiation: Aphra Behn and Margaret Cavendish
by Oddvar Holmesland

Margaret Cavendish: Gender, Genre, Exile
by Emma Rees

Early Modern Women's Writing: Domesticity, Privacy, and the Public Sphere in England and the Dutch Republic
by Martine van Elk

by David Cunning

Margaret Cavendish and the Exiles of the Mind
by Anna Battigelli

The Natural Philosophy of Margaret Cavendish
By Lisa T. Sarasohn

Essay Collections:

God and Nature in the Thought of Margaret Cavendish
Edited by Brandie Siegfried and Lisa T. Sarasohn

A Princely Brave Woman: Essays on Margaret Cavendish
Edited by Stephen Clucas









Cavendish and Shakespeare, Interconnections
Edited by Katherine Romack and James Fitzmaurice

Translations and Editions:

El Mundo Resplandeciente
Edited and Translated by Maria Antònia Martí Escayol

The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World
Edited by Sara Mendelson

CCXI Sociable Letters
Edited by James Fitzmaurice

Paper Bodies
Edited by Sylvia Bowerbank and Sara Mendelson

Bell in Campo & The Sociable Companions
Edited by Alexandra G. Bennett

The Convent of Pleasure and Other Plays
Edited by Anne Shaver

Margaret Cavendish: Political Writings
Edited by Susan James

The Blazing World and Other Writings
Edited by Kate Lilley

Observations upon Experimental Philosophy
Edited by Eileen O'Neill

Poems and Fancies with The Animal Parliament
Edited by Brandie Siegfried

Literary Fiction:

Margaret the First: A Novel
By Danielle Dutton

The Blazing World: A Novel
By Siri Hustvedt

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