Collections Information

Collections Information

(CON) [A]3, B-Bb2, B-Z2, Aa1, Bb-Rr2, B-X2, A1, B-O2, A-E2, F1, Contents. Engraved frontispiece; [A]1r Title, verso blank; [A]2rv To the Readers; [A]3r The Actors Names, [A]3v Prologue; B1r-Bb2r Text, ìThe Female Wits,î Bb2v Epilogue; B-Aa1v Text, The Presence.î Bb1r-Rr2r Text, ìThe Scenes,î Rr2v The Actors Names (to ìThe Bridalî); B1r-X2v Text, ìThe Bridals,î with The Actors Names (to ìThe Convent of Pleasure.î A1r-O1v Text, ìThe Convent of Pleasure,î O2r Epilogue, O2v The Actors Names (to ìA Piece of a Play); A1r-E2v Text; F1r ìThe Names of the Actors of the foregoing Piece of a Play,î verso blank.

(REF) Wing N867; Twenty-two copies in ESTC;

(BIN) Folio. Mid-nineteenth century calf gilt, sides incorporating the paneled sides of the original binding.

(PRV) a contemporary armorial bookplate pasted on the verso of the title page [the arms are of Lord Napier (Scotland) – Sans Tache (without stain) – where itís from(?)
– Coat of Arms/Crest of Lord Napier (Scotland) after some research this particular arms was created when the titles of Lord Napier and Baronet of Thirlestane was united under the 6th Lord Napier and 2nd Baronet of Thirlestane ñ ìReady Ay Readyî was added under the 9th Lord Napier (so this book most likely belonged to the 6th, 7th, or 8th Lord Napier)

[Citation]: Cavendish, M. (1668) Plays, Never before Printed. Written By the Thrice Noble, Illustrious, and Excellent Princesse, The Duchess of Newcastle [Main Collection pre-1900]. 1st edn. London: Printed by A. Maxwell.

The signature of Francis Bernard (though reads Sum Francisci(?) Bernard is attributed, by Chawton, to the physician Francis Bernard (1627 – 1698) who had an extensive library, but at the time of his death this book is not noted in the collection that we sold at auction.

Scenes (after Presence) same pagination.

1:58 (hex out)
2.84 (strikeout)
[handwritten ?]


Paper Slips

Paper torn (5:15) handwritten rest of words on page (not
Cavendish’s hand) – Scott’s (?)

(all the larger ink inserts and letters seem to match the Francis Bernard autograph on the back matter)

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