The Lord Fatherly. The Lord Singularity. His Sonne. Sir Serious Dumbe. Sir Timothy Complement. Sir Humphry Bolde. Sir Roger Exception. Sir Peaceable Studious. Foster Trusty. The Lady Orphant. The Lady Ignorant wife to Sir Peaceable Studious. The Lady Bashfull. The Lady Wagtaile. The Lady Amorous. Mrs. Acquaintance. Nurse Hondly Foster Trusties wise. Lady Orphans Nurse.… Continue Reading Loves Adventures

CCXI. SOCIABLE LETTERS, WRITTEN BY THE THRICE NOBLE, ILLUSTRIOUS, AND EXCELLENT PRINCESS, THE LADY MARCHIONESS OF NEWCASTLE. LONDON. Printed by William Wilson, _Anno Dom. _ M. DC. LXIV. TO THE LADY MARCHIONESS OF NEWCASTLE, On her Book of EPISTLES. When all Epistlers you have read, and seek, Who writ in Latin, English, French, or Greek, Such Woful… Continue Reading CCXI Sociable Letters (1664) – Reading Edition

Introductory NoteMargaret Cavendish’s The Convent of Pleasure is a play that envisions a female utopia. When the play begins we learn that the main character the Lady Happy has just inherited a large sum of money from her father’s death, and the male suitors Monsieurs Take-Pleasure, Advisor, Facile, and Courtly immediately draw up schemes to… Continue Reading The Convent of Pleasure Edited by Liza Blake and Shawn Moore