Locating Margaret Cavendish’s Books: Database, Map, and Analysis by Liza Blake, University of Toronto Where in the world is Margaret Cavendish? This post is intended to provide, as a publicly and freely available research resource, the following Excel spreadsheet, which gives the locations of every surviving copy of Margaret Cavendish’s work published 1675 or earlier.… Continue Reading Locating Margaret Cavendish’s Books: Database, Map, and Analysis

CCXI. SOCIABLE LETTERS, WRITTEN BY THE THRICE NOBLE, ILLUSTRIOUS, AND EXCELLENT PRINCESS, THE LADY MARCHIONESS OF NEWCASTLE. LONDON. Printed by William Wilson, _Anno Dom. _ M. DC. LXIV. TO THE LADY MARCHIONESS OF NEWCASTLE, On her Book of EPISTLES. When all Epistlers you have read, and seek, Who writ in Latin, English, French, or Greek, Such Woful… Continue Reading CCXI Sociable Letters (1664) – Reading Edition

Introductory NoteMargaret Cavendish’s The Convent of Pleasure is a play that envisions a female utopia. When the play begins we learn that the main character the Lady Happy has just inherited a large sum of money from her father’s death, and the male suitors Monsieurs Take-Pleasure, Advisor, Facile, and Courtly immediately draw up schemes to… Continue Reading The Convent of Pleasure Edited by Liza Blake and Shawn Moore

Lisa Walters has noted that, for a long time, “Cavendish perceived all her philosophical treatises not as separate works, but as a continuum of revisions.” Walters rightly makes the case that literary scholars ought to pay more attention to the second edition of Cavendish’s Philosophical and Physical Opinions (1663). While there has been much emphasis on the Philosophical Letters (1664) and Observations… Continue Reading Visualizing Margaret Cavendish’s Systematic Treatises

Originally posted on June 22, 2013 and cross-posted here from Six Degrees of Francis Bacon (please check out their project site to learn more about their work on early modern social network analysis) Guest post by Shawn W. Moore The Six Degrees of Francis Bacon (SDFB) team is delighted to introduce here the first in… Continue Reading Networks as Constructs: The Curious Case of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle (1623?-1673)